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In the morning of December 23, 2019 in Ha Noi, the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association.celebrated the honorable award for the business in Viet Nam – The Vietnam Gold Star Award. The Vietnam Gold Star Award 2018 Ceremony was presented to honor the top 200 best brands of Viet Nam, who have active contributions to the country’s industrialization and  modernization.  

The Vietnam Gold Star Award has been evaluated by the Vietnamese business community as a prestigious and valuable award for building brand and products for Vietnamese Enterprises. In particular, this award also encourage to expand regional and world markets. The voting process will be approved, investigated and improved annually by organizers, ensuring the prestige and quality of the prize. 

Top 200 best business were awarded The Vietnam Gold Star Award 2018 in the ceremony December 23

Through 3 months of continuous selection, inspection and practical appraisal with strict and serious selection regulations, The organization Vietnam Gold Star has found 200 worthy enterprises who have achieved good business performance and sustainable development and undertaken good social responsibility.

200 enterprises were awarded the Vietnam Gold Star Award in 2018, generating revenue of  early VND 1 million, paying over VND 72 trillion to the state budget, creating jobs for over 417 thousand workers. These are impressive figures, reflecting the position and influence of winning enterprises on the Vietnamese economy. In 15 years of implementation, through 11 times, the  organization has more than 6,000 product brand names registered to participate, of which more than 2,000 brand names and products are honored. With the above figures, partly let us see that Vietnam Gold Star Award is really a prestigious award that any business wants to receive. Amerasian Shipping Logistics Corp - ASL Corp is honored to be one of the typical Enterprises in Vietnam to be honored at the awards ceremony. As the first year of participating in Vietnam Gold Star Awards, ASL Corp has been highly appreciated by the council for its capacity, efficiency and responsibility and has received "plus points" from members of the Appraisal Council. during the formal evaluation process at the Enterprise.

Ms. Vo Thi Phuong Lan - General Director of ASL Corp received the Vietnam Gold Award

Extremely meaningful spiritual awards marked and acknowledged the achievements and efforts of the entire Board of Directors, Board of Directors and hundreds of employees in the Corporation over the past year. At the same time, these awards also raise the value, enhance the competitiveness of ASL Corp brand in both domestic and international scope.

Writer: Minh Thụy