E-Commerce Services for B2B and B2C

In 2017 the first step when ASL Corp becomes SKY GROUP's partner - one of the major e-commerce distribution groups in China, ASL Corp carries out a series of services in the form of B2B, B2C distribution and delivery of goods for every customer.

Since October 2018, it marked a further step forward when ASL Corp was selected by the world's largest e-commerce group – Alibaba.com as the channel partner in Vietnam to distribute e-commerce products in the form of B2B. Here ASL Corp builds high quality human resources who have trained online and offline at Alibaba.com/China headquarters. Implementing investment cooperation with partner Ryobi - Japanese investor in warehousing service for this distribution service.

ASL focuses into 2 main business:

B2B: is the type of transaction among businesses, this type accounts for about 90%. B2B transactions are mainly carried out on E-Commerce application systems such as value-added networks (VAN); goods and service supply chain (SCM), E-Commerce trading floors... Here businesses can offer, search for customers, place orders, sign contracts, pay through these systems. At a high level, these transactions can take place automatically. B2B E-Commerce brings many practical benefits to businesses, especially reducing the costs of collecting market research information, advertising, marketing, negotiating, increasing business opportunities, etc.

B2C: is the type of transaction between businesses and consumers. Businesses use electronic means to sell goods and services to consumers. Consumers through electronic means to choose, bargain, place orders, pay, receive goods. However, this type only accounts for about 10%. In order to join this business model, businesses will normally set up websites, formulate a database of goods and services; conduct marketing, advertising and distribution processes directly to consumers. B2C e-commerce benefits both businesses and consumers. Businesses save a lot of selling expenses because they don't need showrooms or hire sales persons, management costs are also reduced. Consumers will feel convenient because not having to go to the store, be able to select and compare multiple items at once.

Proud to be the channel B2B partner of Alibaba.com, a pioneer in e-commerce service opening in Vietnam, ASL Corp has affirmed its growing and growing step by step reaching its strategic vision.


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