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VIL: New publication of “Shippers & Laws”

VIL: New publication of “Shippers & Laws”

Early this November, a new publication of VIL, the reference book “Shippers and Laws” – Part 1: Commercial Disputes has been published, comprising selected articles of experienced lawyers in international shipping industry on VietnamShipper.

The book was compiled as global economy as well as logistics and shipping industries particularly are going through various and profound changes. A large number of criteria in trading, shipping, international payment, etc. have been changed and updated, leading to more new rules in Vietnam’s law and other countries’. The content of “Shippers & Laws” – Part 1: Commercial Disputes are focused on shipping and trading regulations, case studies as well as legal cases with practical advices from experienced lawyers.

You can find this reference book at any bookstores in Việt Nam or send this registration form to the following address:

Vietnam Institute of Logistics (VIL)

8th floor, Thiên Sơn Building,

5 Nguyễn Gia Thiều Str., Dist.3, HCMC

Tel: 08 3933 0148 / Fax: 08 3933 0147

Or via e-mail: vshcm02@vietnamshipper.com

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