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Besides the implementation of common freight, ASL always affirms the diversification of services by implementing projects transport in a professional and reputable way. ASL can arrange to transport those oversized or large cargoes to the destination safely to meet the requirements of our clients.

With our experiences and seamless connectivity on all modes of transport and ability of coordination of internal transport with our excellent reputation, together with our familiarization with customs of declaration procedures, we have achieved ​​the shipment of the project works even with rigorous demands from many domestic and international companies.

Typical  projects:


ASL has been in collaboration with partners in Korea to ship more than 1,200 tons of equipment and 180 containers from Europe, Korea, China and the USA…to the port of Ho Chi Minh city and directly delivered to the machinery construction site of Song Woo. ASL was responsible for import customs declaration procedures, application for inspection of machinery and transited them by road from Ho Chi Minh port to Tan Duc, Duc Hoa and Long An Industrial zones safely and met their construction schedule from 2/2008 to 3/2009.


ASL has provided full consulting services for them including import license application, customs declaration, and total package of shipment of machinery and equipment for the factory construction of Yacht Technology Taiwan invested in Bau Bang Industrial zone, Binh Duong province from 06/2011 to 03/2012.

ASL had completed full set of customs procedures and shipped more than 500 containers of equipment with various types of containers such as Open top, Flat rack, bulk cargoes with super-sized and weight to the site safely, and accordingly, met their construction schedule as required.

SUMITOMO company (Japan):

To start with 2016, ASL continues to be selected as a partner of the international shipping company for SUMITOMO company in transporting the shipments including boilers, tanks, pipes, ... to serve for the thermal power plants in Japan. In early March, 2015 ASL has conducted clearance procedures, deployed more than 50 professional trucks to ship near 3000 cubic meters with the weight of 500 tons at the progress speed of 24 hours a day to complete the works earlier than the due time of the plan.
SUMITOMO's representatives have said: To choose the appropriate transport provider, we've had to carry out the steps of surveying and evaluating the practical ability through the meeting face to face with the supplying service companies. Through this project, we appreciate and fully trust the working capacity of ASL who can meets the requirements that we have set out. This is the initial step for our projects in 2016 and the upcoming years.

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