Iso tank service

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ASL represents Singapore partner - a leading ISO-tank container operator based in Asia, providing safe, high quality, and efficient logistical solutions to our regional customers on a global scale. With vast experience in the bulk liquid logistics industry, we are constantly ready to meet any of our customer demands. Our foundation rests on a mission to help customers better manage their supply chains, minimize costs and increase efficiency.  We place customer satisfaction as top priority.  By fully utilizing our expertise, we strive to provide the best tailor-made logistical solutions for each of our valued customers. 

We place customer’s satisfaction by allotting our Isotank for food grade and Isotank for chemicals separately and self-assured every customers and clients safeties from door to door deliveries.

There are 3 types of liquid carriages we can serve with our Isotank.

·         Food Grade Tanks

·         Non–DG Chemical Tanks

·         DG Chemicals Tanks

Isotank Features:

·         Approved for food grade cargo

·         Truly intermodal – suitable for use on sea, rail, and road

·         Fully compliant with ISO, IMO, IMDG standards

·         Surveyed regularly to ensure high standards (compliant)

·         Every tank has a Periodic test certificate, and Cleanliness certificate before usage

·         Safety hand rails, steam heating, and insulated tanks are available

·         Top Loading and Bottom discharge for flexibility

·         Stainless steel shell within an ISO frame suitable for gantry crane straddles lifting and side loader transportation

·         Can accept various DG / Hazardous Cargo

·         tanks come with top spill box covers as well as discharge area covers which are both lockable by padlock. 

Additional advantages:

·         Higher standard of safety, with much more advanced features than a regular Isotank

·         Can minimize liquid loss during transport rather than using drum  

·         Liquid loss from residuals is minimize from 2% using drums, into 0.5% using Isotanks

·         Shape of the tank allows more stability than flexi bags, preventing spills and accidents

·         Risk of spillages at filling and unloading is greatly reduced in comparison to multiple fill and discharges in drums

·         Re-usable, therefore is much more environmental friendly than drums & flexi bags

·         With 24000 Liter capacity, can load much more than dry boxes, offering average savings 18-20% over drums

·         Just like reefer, you can monitor the cargo temperature while on route    

 Isotanks require significantly less handling and are safer to move and offer greater security.


For further information please contact us at:

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