International Women's Day 08/03/2013 was dedicated to celebrating and promoting the role of women around the world. In the similar spirit, ASL Group organized the " Gentlemen in Kitchen" contest to honor this special day.


There were 7 teams in the contest. Each team represented for one department and included 2 male members of this department. Besides, there is a large supporting team from ASL women. The rule is that each team have to cook a serving of 8-10 people, with complete nutrition and cost 400,000 VND.

In the busy atmosphere, the teams brought their own cooking utensils and food ingredients (vegetables, fish, meat ... unprepared, unspicy). Everyone was enthusiastic, excited and ready to play.

At 09:00, the contest began. The team members do their job so quickly. The smell of cooked aroma mixed with fun questions about the name of the dish, the cooking formula has made the atmosphere becomes more amicable. The solidarity was strengthened in sharing spoons of sugar - a little salt, helping each other ...

After nearly 2 hours of cooking, delicious dishes had been well-prepared and beautifully displayed. They cooked and decorated the dished with their heart. Then, the representatives of the teams presented the dishes’ meaning. The serving was extremely plentiful such as Crab Fried rolls, Nem Cua Bể, Heo giả cầy, Bò nấu lagu, Ốc ếch nấu chuối đậu, Gà tắm muối, lẫu mắm miền trung, Bao tử hầm tiêu … has brought new colors for this year's cooking competition. It was unique, and also affirmed a trend of modern cuisine with good nutritional value for health.

The results of the contest were based on the criteria for evaluating dishes such as traditionality, impression, appearance, presentation, taste. The jury awarded the first prize to Ho Chi Minh City Office; the second prize belonged to the Human Resources Department; the third prize was given to the Documentation Division - Customer Service ... and the other cheers for the remaining teams.

This was an opportunity for the brothers in ASL to exchange experiences, compete for talent in the collective emulation movement of the Company, create an atmosphere of solidarity, with the desire " wish the family’s kitchen is always full, warm, equal, progressive and happy." It is also a chance for men to express their interest, sharing and make their own unique dishes for the sisters. On the other hand, it proved that ASL’s gentlemen were not only good diplomats, good businessmen, but also full of sharing with the other half. This was also a beautiful image of the modern Vietnamese man. On behalf of the whole women in ASL Group, I would like to express my sincere thanks to ASL Group’s gentlemen for presenting a very meaningful day!

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